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bryan-448The Bonsai Learning Center is the Southeast’s premier location for a full line of bonsai supplies as well as educational programs.  With two locations in North Carolina including Mooresville just north of Charlotte and a smaller location in Holly Springs south west of Raleigh, we provide the bonsai community with both physical and online access to bonsai supplies and education.

We offer multiple workshops for beginner, intermediate and advanced students of the art of bonsai throughout the year. Each year we introduce new workshops to our intermediate and advanced students allowing them hands on experience with different species, styles and techniques. Additionally, we bring the top guest artists in for workshops which allow the student to work hand in hand with a professional bonsai artist and increase their technical knowledge.


The Bonsai Learning Center was first established in 1995. It is an excellent place to learn more about bonsai and to share with others the joys and experiences which come with the practice of this ancient and exciting art form.

Bjorn Workshop

We offer the following services and products

  •  Bonsai Classes From Beginner To Advanced 
  • Workshops Taught By Experienced Bonsai Professionals
  • High Quality, Professionally Styled, Bonsai Trees For Sale
  • Consultations For Sick Bonsai Trees
  • Boarding of Bonsai Trees
  • A Full Line Of Bonsai Supplies including Pots, Tools, Soils

Learn More About Bonsai

Here is a small sample of the Bonsai Workshops and Learning Articles we have posted for you. To view them all please see the Bonsai Classes or the Learn More pages on this website.

Willow Leaf Fig (Ficus salicifolia/nerifolia)

Ficus bonsai have long been a popular variety among enthusiasts, but surprisingly little has been written or published concerning their care and cultivation. This is unfortunate because of the more than 800 species of ficus, many make excellent material for bonsai....

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Azalea (Rhododendron indicum)

The azalea, genus Rhododendron indictum, is one of the most sought after and satisfying of all bonsai subjects. First and foremost among its reasons for popularity is that it flowers spectacularly. In addition, the plant adapts well to container cultivation, trunks up...

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Figurines and Bonsai

A Question Of Relativity Figurines used in conjunction with bonsai plantings. Are they a valid and effective enhancement to the creation or are they a pollution of the artistic precepts upon which bonsai is based? One thing is certain. In the west at least, the...

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I have been a customer at the Bonsai Learning Center for several years. I have always received excellent customer service and great prices. They have an abundant supply of Bonsai Trees, Tools, Pots, and Soil. Anything I have needed they have always had in stock.”

Bonsai Tam

Awesome teachers, awesome material and good workshops. Along with everything you need for bonsai cultivation available for purchase!!! Great place!

Ben Watts

Thank you for visiting The Bonsai Learning Center. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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